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[ Character's Name ] : Hubert Ozwell | ヒューバート・オズウェル
[ Character's Age ] : 17
[ Series ] : Tales of Graces
[ Canon Point ] : Future Arc: Telos Astue, heading to Lastalia Shaft and Fodra's Core

[ History ] :
Hubert Ozwell @ Aselia Wiki
Tales of Graces f @ Wikipedia
Tales of Graces f @ Aselia Wiki

[ Personality ] :

This app contains spoilers for Tales of Graces f! Read at your own risk!

As a child, Hubert was known for being skittish, nervous and downright cowardly at times. He was always weaker than Asbel, and lacked his older brother’s bravery and willingness to do anything for his friends. To a certain extent he did try to emulate Asbel (in the sense that he would fight even when afraid or even being sarcastic or snarky like him), but it was an emulation that fell short. Try as he might to conquer his fears, he would almost always return to running away scared. Despite his weaker traits, though, Hubert was always a very perceptive child, often catching on to the things Asbel wouldn’t, and knowing things that most children his age wouldn’t have.

Growing up away from his real family, under the rather forceful arm of his adopted father and eventually coming to the Strata military to better himself changed who he was quite a bit. He gained true courage, a better understanding of himself and who he was, but in the same vein he also grew in to a lot of misunderstandings about who he used to be as well. He came to resent the Lhant family, more specifically Asbel, though he claimed to at least hold his home in high regard and gave it as the reason he returned to aid Lhant in the first place after Lord Aston’s passing.

Being in the military gave him a much more commanding presence and a boost in confidence, and his skill with the dual blade and dual pistols as well as his intelligence and tenacity was what helped him to climb to his high position even at a young age without much difficulty at all. Because of this, he commands a lot of respect, and doesn’t take kindly to having attitude thrown in his face or any level of insubordination. Unfortunately this can be turned around on him. The confidence turned in to near arrogance, his stoicness can come off as cold and even assholish in the right situations, and he has no qualms about challenging people he feels has wronged him in some way, even going so far as challenging his own brother and banishing him from Lhant after winning the battle with hardly any effort on his part.

The good thing, though, is that Hubert is not adamantly against change, and traveling with Asbel and his friends opened him up to the possibility that there was more to life than just his military training and holding a grudge against his family. It can be difficult to get him to admit when he’s wrong, but he will if he knows he’s made a mistake. He might not always realize he’s being cruel, but being told he is (as Sophie did once, regarding Pascal) will at least get him to stop and think.

His travels also helped him open up to other emotions that he had been ignoring for quite some time. He eventually made amends with Asbel, though their relationship never quite returned to the way it was when they were children. This doesn’t stop him from worrying about Asbel, especially when his older brother gets in to situations where there’s a chance he might not come back from them.

With friends in his life he was able to smile more, laugh easier, even joke with the older members of their team and tease Asbel in a much less mean and cruel way. He even proved that there was still a childish side underneath all his seriousness and overly critical behavior, though it was brief and hidden. He actually has a surprising love for comic books, to the point where if left alone with action figures that he likes he may very well start playing out scenes, completely with sound effects.

The biggest change that came to light in the later days of their travels (especially after the group had spent some time apart and come back together again) was that he actually had feelings for someone he previously thought he was never get along with - Pascal. Originally her brash nature, poor hygiene habits and lack of personal space among other traits annoyed and irritated him to no end. The way she behaved drove him absolutely crazy, but the longer he was around her the more he began to realize just how much he didn’t want to be away from her. He tried very hard to ignore these feelings, but soon enough even the rest of the team (except Pascal herself) started to notice how much he missed her despite all his denying and even went so far as to start ribbing him playfully over it. Eventually he did break down to a confession of his feelings, though it went completely over her head (likely because he wasn’t exactly direct with his wording) and left him in a bit of a funk after the fact.

He is still easily annoyed by small things that really shouldn’t get to him, constantly trying to maintain that calm, composed outward demeanor only to be flustered by something one of his friends has done or said. He will likely never stop thinking like a military man, and a bit of a stuck up prude at that, but the time he’s spent with his friends, the journey he’s been on and the things he’s faced have turned his attitude in to more shades of gray than straight black and white ‘I’m right and you’re wrong’.

[ Strengths/Weaknesses ] :

╪ Hubert is most proficient in attack artes. He does have two minor healing techniques, but as his strengths are in combat they are not nearly the level of Cheria or Sophie’s healing artes. His weapon of choice is a multi-use weapon - a Double Blade with Double Pistols. His accuracy with both is nearly perfect, and many of his artes utilize his ability to switch back and forth between blade and pistol almost seamlessly. For a full list of his assault (a-) artes, burst (b-) artes, mystic artes and blast calibers, refer to his listing on the Aselia Wiki.

╬ Unfortunately, as good as he is at combat, Hubert is the “glass canon” of the team. His attacks are high in stats and powerful as hell, but his defense suffers for just how much he’s capable of doing in attack form. He’s more than capable of taking care of himself, but should he become overwhelmed in battle it’s entirely possible for him to be taken down.

╪ Being in the military has given Hubert a sense of loyalty, and the coupled with the old friends he reconnected with and the new ones he made along the way means he’s actually a very good team player. As much as he may berate his teammates for poor performance, he knows better than to pretend as though all his battles are won by him and him alone. He knows he wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without them, and that old adage of ‘there is no I in team’ rings very true to him. When it comes to his friends, he has their back through thick and thin, and when it comes to his own troops he can command them effectively and efficiently through battle.

╬ There are still things about him that make him less than easy to get along with, though. His arrogance being the biggest one, but also the fact that he expects so much of himself and in turn expects so much of other people. It wouldn’t take much to disappoint him, and he isn’t above talking down to those he feels are less than him in some way. Throw attitude his way? Expect to get it back in kind, tenfold. Lack clear intelligence? He won’t suffer your company for long. And if you frustrate or anger him in some way be prepared for the verbal beat down of a lifetime. It would be hard pressed to say Hubert has a ‘temper’ but he certainly doesn’t deal well with anything that could rile him up or fluster him. Having a bit of that old Lhant stubbornness doesn’t help him in this any either.

[ Other Important Facts ] :

Beach Brigade is the coolest thing ever, okay.

[ Sample ] :

Hubert @ Starfishbucks

[ Questions? Comments? Concerns? ] :

We still have to find the butt, Vatheon.


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